House Hunting for the Undead

Have recently found yourself undead? Congratulations! The world is your oyster, and we’re pretty confident you have a new lease...

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Have recently found yourself undead? Congratulations! The world is your oyster, and we’re pretty confident you have a new lease on life, or something like it. Now that you’re undead, it’s time to update your living space, after all, your life is most likely very different now. If you’re a fan of the popular Netflix series “The Santa Clarita Diet,” you’ll know that the main character, Sheila Hammond, has found herself in a similar predicament. Although she acts alive, she is very much so dead. (No pulse, no big deal!) She is controlled by impulses and has a strange desire to only dine on human flesh, which, to say in the least, causes a bit of havoc for her and her family. As they navigate this journey together, they also realize that maybe they need to make a few changes to their home to help better accommodate her new lifestyle.

Not sure what an ideal space would be for a zombie-like you? Take a note from Sheila, who is also a licensed real estate agent, as we dive into house hunting for the undead!

Hardwood Floors

Need we say more? Whether you’re undead or part of the land of the living, having hardwood floors is just easier to maintain. Scrubbing blood stains, or any stains out of carpet is not the most fun when a quick wipe up will do. Now, is that blood or fruit punch on your rug?

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Plenty of Closet Space

On Santa Clarita Diet, Sheila and her husband Joel get creative when it comes to storage solutions for her “food.” They so far as to renting a storage unit and purchase a deep freezer to keep her victims bodies fresher for longer. Why venture to your local storage unit for a tasty dinner when you could slay in? Get it? 😉 Feel free to get creative and utilize the closet in a spare bedroom, or overhaul your pantry to become the envy of undead Pinterest queen’s everywhere.

Open Floor Plan

Who doesn’t love an open floor plan? It makes your space more inviting and appear larger, so everyone wins! You know who else wins? You, undead reader. In Santa Clarita Diet, Sheila decides that since she’s stuck in this predicament with no cure in sight, if she must feast on humans, she might as well find the ones that no one will miss, especially evil-inclined folks. Unfortunately, things still go awry. Whether your “food” is coming to you, or if you’re bringing it in the house, an open floor plan will help you navigate much better.  Plus, there’s no drywall to repair if things go south, and less wall space for splatters of any kind. Plus, no one likes compartmentalized living spaces, it’s 2019 after all!

Soundproof Basement

You know how we said earlier that sometimes things go not as planned for Sheila and Joel? This is when it’s helpful to have a soundproof basement. Your new neighbors are not going to want to hear the sounds of people screaming for their lives. Also, if your new residence has a finished basement, this is even better! You can convert it into your sleeping chamber, like our pal Sheila, so you don’t get the urge to turn your partner into a midnight snack.

A tip for once you’ve moved into your dream home? High-Gloss Paint.

Most homes won’t have high-gloss paint in every room; but, this is something we highly recommend you look into. Easily wipe away any human remains, and your walls are ready for your next meal!

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Thanks to the newly reimagined, house hunting is easier and more customizable than ever for the living and undead alike! Match helps prioritize your must-haves and nice-to-haves so you can find the home of your dreams.  

Don’t forget to tune into the season three premiere of the Santa Clarita Diet; all episodes will begin streaming on Netflix March 29.

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