Motley Fool Stock Advisor Review 2021 – Is the Subscription Worth It?
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Motley Fool Stock Advisor is Motley Fool's flagship premium stock-picking service. Learn whether the service is right for you.
U.S. Housing Market Still Not in a Bubble, Despite What You May Think
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Two new reports put to bed the idea that we’re in another housing bubble or due for another housing crash, though there are some mounting concerns, as there have been for some time. The Urban Institute went as far as to say that “some cities might be” in a bubble, but the overall U.S. housing [&hellip

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6 Tips to Help Women Return to Work
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This past year hasn’t been easy for anyone, but it’s been especially rough for the overwhelming number of women facing job loss and financial instability. According to a recent workforce analysis by McKinsey & Company, unemployment rates for women peaked in April 2020 at 15.8% (2 percentage points higher than men) and in September when […]

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LGBTQ Homeownership by the Numbers
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On July 9, 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court declared that states did not have the right to deny a marriage...

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Working With a Design-Build Team to Create Your Dream Home
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What do the experts say you need to do and know for a smooth build out?
Let’s Move to… Arlington, Virginia
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Arlington capitalizes on D.C.'s energy while offering a respite from the never-ending pace of the capital city. This dichotomy gives Arlington its character. The juxtaposition between small town and big city has led people to call Arlington neighborhoods "urban villages." All of the city's urban villages have this mix of old and new to varying degrees, and understanding those nuances can help you find the best fit. Here's a quick guide to give you an idea of which neighborhood in the city is right for you:

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Managing Your Money, Together
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To learn more about how our Minters are achieving their financial goals, we reached out to everyday Mint users, just like you, to hear their stories. Whether it’s paying off student loans, or working toward buying a home, we’re so...

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Apple Card Review – Does It Live Up to the Hype?
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Curious if the new Apple Card is as rewarding as it seems? Find out who it's best for and if its Daily Cash and no fee perks make it worth the switch.
Millennials: Ready to Buy a Second Home and Rent Out Your First?
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You're ready to move on, but that doesn't mean you have to let go of your first property.
Home Ownership Trends in 2019, By Age and Income
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Taking the plunge into homeownership can be daunting, especially for first-time buyers. There are seemingly endless options when it comes...

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